Our Systems

We offer high performance custody transfer products/integrated systems and quality measurement and control solutions that enable customers to minimize losses, optimize profit, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Measurement Solutions

Our expertise in metering technologies such as turbine, Coriolis, ultrasonic and PD meters enable us to integrate your requirements into a total solution. This includes metering system design, proving and calibration needs, and metering and control supervisory systems.

We design and manufacture all types of skids.

  • Pipeline Metering Systems – link to application data sheet (will provide asap)
  • LACT / ACT Skids (Download application data sheet)
  • Proving Systems (Download application data sheet)
  • Control Systems
  • Sampling & Blending Systems
  • Truck, Rail, Marine Loading/Unloading Systems


Sampling and Analytical

Our knowledge of sampling and analysis technologies allow us to address your sampling, water cut, density, viscosity, vapor pressure, and compositional issues.


Specialized Systems

Our understanding of measurement and proving technologies qualifies us to design systems and service for handling special and severe conditions.

  • Cryogenic conditions
  • High and low temperaure applications
  • Special products
  • Corrosive conditions


Recent Projects

Our design, engineering and fabrication capabilities are showcased in the projects highlighted here.

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