Oil and Gas Process Solutions’ vast knowledge of sampling and analytical technologies allow us to address your sampling needs for water cut, density, viscosity, vapor pressure, and compositional issues.  OAG-PS  provides both standard and customized sampling solutions designed to meet your specific sampling needs and comply with local and international engineering standards including API MPMS 8.2.

Our sampling systems can be used for the following hydrocarbon products:

  • Crude Oil
  • Condensate
  • Refined Product
  • Intermediate Product

Sampling is defined as “a small part selected as a sample for inspection or analysis”.  In the Oil and Gas Industry sampling is the process of taking numerous “grabs” of a small volume of process fluid over a specified time period in order to form a representation of the product composition.  In custody transfer applications, not only is quantity important, but so is quality.  Sampling is an essential step in verifying product quality.  Sampling systems provide critical information on hydrocarbon product quality.

Sampling systems provide the following benefits:

  • Quality Control
  • Identify Off-Spec Product
  • Analysis Point for Fiscal Transactions (Custody Transfer)
  • Loss control

Oil and Gas Process Solutions offers complete sampling packages tailored to your needs.  We will work with you on designing, engineering and manufacturing a turnkey solution.

Bear in mind, accurate knowledge of composition and quality of your products is one of the key determinants of value.