Our Products

Oil & Gas Process Solutions offers an array of high performance measurement products that enable customers to maintain high accuracy, minimize loss, optimize profit, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Ultrasonic Meters

Oil & Gas Process Solutions offers the 3400 Series and Alto 5 Series of ultrasonic flow meters to satisfy your application requirements and provide highly accurate, cost-effective measurement solutions for liquid hydrocarbon services.

  • The Optisonic 3400 Series is a three beam ultrasonic flowmeter providing accurate flow measurement with solid performance.
    • Sizes:  4″ to 24″
    • Flow Rates: 34 – 80,000 GPM
    • Materials: Carbon or Stainless Steel (specialty materials available upon request)
  • The Altosonic 5 Series is a five beam ultrasonic meter designed with custody transfer applications in mind.  Providing  high accuracy, repeatability and stability.
    • Sizes: 4″ to 24″
    • Flow Ranges: 25 – 44,000 GPM
    • Materials: Carbon or Stainless Steel

Sample Probes

Several varieties of liquid sample probes capable of taking a representative sample for your liquid hydrocarbon applications are offered by Oil & Gas Process Solutions.