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Our Services

Oil & Gas Process Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the highest possible standard of care by offering an extensive range of services.  These are designed to give our customer peace of mind, assure system reliability, and minimize cost of ownership.

Engineering Services

Oil & Gas Process Solutions has a dedicated staff fully experienced in all aspects of metering, proving and control, and guarantees quality, reliability, and expertise at every step.

  • Project design
  • Specification development and review
  • Detailed design and documentation
  • Project consulting and commissioning
  • Flow analysis (CFD)
  • Field site evaluations

Flow Research Facility

Oil & Gas Process Solutions is proud to have a state of the art flow lab capable of performing commercial flow calibrations for all types of meters at a wide range of flow rates, temperatures, and pressures

Measurement Consulting

Oil & Gas Process Solutions offers comprehensive measurement consulting services.

  • Physical asset assessments
  • Regulatory compliance checks
  • Policies and procedures reviews
  • Fiscal audits

Gain/Loss Consulting

Oil & Gas Process Solutions offers tools and services for examination of pipeline losses and gains, using basic statistical tools, as well as intuitive and creative insight into what controls losses and gains.

  • Loss investigations
  • Troubleshooting of facilities
  • Review of field processes
  • Evaluation of receipts, deliveries, and inventory

Research and Development

Oil & Gas Process Solutions offers services to help improve existing metering and proving technologies, and services that help lead to the development of new products and procedures.

  • Technical overview of existing and emerging flow technologies
  • Laboratory evaluation of flow technologies
  • Field performance of flow technologies