Refined and Intermediate Products

  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Fuel Oil
  • Naphtha
  • Reformate
  • Gas Oils
  • Transmix
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or all electric configurations available
  • Variable Sample grab sizes
    • Programmable from 1 cc to 75 ccs per stroke
    • Software configurable
    • Can be changed on the fly for different flow rates or batch sizes
  • Scaleable design, can be configured from 1 to 16 sample vessels per unit
  •  Automated purge system to prevent cross contamination between batches
  • Fully customizable operation, easily adaptable for any application
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Class 1 Div 1 Hazardous Area classification
  • Meets all API MPMS Chapter 8.2 requirements for automatic sampling
  • System can be configured with various online analytical equipment including:
    • Densitometers
    • BS&W / Water cut meters
    • Optical Interface Detection
    • Flow meters to ensure proper fast loop performance
  • Weigh scale system for real-time verification of system operation
  • System can be controlled by external source (control room, flow computer, PLC etc…) or can be fully autonomous
  • Can be installed in a sampling building or in a stand-alone cabinet
  • Local controls for manual operation

  • Fast Loop – Refined and Intermediate Products

Electric Sample Pump:

  • Precision Servo Controlled

Variable Sample Size

  • Up to 75 cc with standard pump
  • Programmable index grab sizes (ex: 10, 15, 25, 50 cc etc…)

Pulse Input:

  •  Simulates pneumatic solenoid sequence

Inputs & Outputs:

  • Analog and/or digital

Communication Methods:

  • Contact us with your requirements


  • Custom options available – Contact us with your requirements

Valving Control Options:

  • All electric offering the lowest maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic valve operator options available

System Integration:

  • Programmable for existing PLC
  • Can be purchased with optional PLC controller

Scales for Sample Verification:

  • Optional


  • Standard: Up to ANSI 600 # Service
  • Optional: Higher pressure options are available – Contact us with your requirements

Input Voltage:

  • Standard: 115 – 230 VAC
  • Optional: 3 phase DC

Hazardous Area Use:

  • Class 1 Div 1

Sample Retention Vessels:

  • Systems are customiz-able to work with almost any container type – Contact us to discuss your needs